When a person dies, one of the bigger questions looming over the event is “Who gets that person’s money and possessions?”

Probate law was created to answer that question. Probate law, administered by a probate judge, is the body of law that determines who will inherit the estate of the decedent. If no legal documents are in place, the ownership will be determined by the probate judge according to the applicable probate laws.

Needless to say, that may not turn out the way you want it to. If you’re the decedent, your estate may not pass to the people you want to get it. If you’re the one hoping to inherit an estate, the law may indicate that it goes to someone else.

Going through probate can be an expensive litigation process that drains the estate’s wealth and places a burden on everyone involved. The best way to avoid this process is to make sure that you’ve prepared your estate with the right legal documents. For assistance in creating these legal documents, contact The Heartland Law Firm.

The Heartland Law Firm has over 21 years of experience in probate law, including trust administration, guardianship, preparing wills, and (if needed) litigating in probate court. We’ll help you prepare your estate. If you’re facing a probate court, our probate attorneys in Mesa, AZ will represent you and protect your rights. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation.

Take Control of Your Estate With Trusts and Guardianship

Two of the most important tools in avoiding probate are trusts and guardianships. When these are part of your estate plan, your heirs can avoid the hassles and expenses of probate. They won’t have to risk handing over control of your estate to a judge.

Trusts — A trust is a way of passing control of your estate to a trustee, a person empowered to manage your estate according to your instructions.

Guardianships — Guardianship is a way of ensuring that a ward (a person unable to make knowledgeable or sound decisions about their personal property or well-being, such as a minor child or an elderly person with dementia) is adequately cared for by an appointed guardian.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to write the legal documents that create these legal solutions. Creating these legal instruments enables our team to focus on the outcome in three key areas:

Honoring the decedent’s wishes

Minimizing third-party interference on the executor’s role

Minimizing costs, hassles, surprises, and disputes

Get Our Representation During Probate

If you’re facing a probate case, you can depend on The Heartland Law Firm for knowledgeable, experienced representation. We’ll organize and focus your case to streamline the process and

minimize the expense.

We try to avoid courtroom litigation, but that’s not always possible. When our probate attorneys in Mesa, AZ have to stand up for your rights in probate court, our approach to litigation is simple:

It’s our job to prepare you, our client, to best make the decision.

Organization, strategy, and preparation win in litigation.

Ongoing communication with you creates better alignment.

Greater alignment leads to greater results.

We organize the case and maintain communication with several essential practices:

Working one phase ahead — Probate matters include three phases: inventory, accounting, and distribution. We strive to stay ahead of the probate process by working quickly and efficiently on the upcoming phase.

Staying up to date — We’ll provide you with regular updates, and you can always contact us to learn the status of your case.

Taking control — Our experience enables us to anticipate what needs to be done next and what each step requires. That helps us stay organized and avoid surprises.

Working quickly — Our goal is to avoid or minimize probate as much as possible. In many cases, we’re able to make partial distributions well in advance of the closing of the probate case.

Cs help you plan for your family’s future.

– Mike W. on Google

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