Probate Litigation

If you’re facing a probate case, you can depend on The Heartland Law Firm for
knowledgeable, experienced representation. We’ll organize and focus your case to streamline
the process and minimize the expense.

We try to avoid courtroom litigation, but that’s not always possible. When our probate
attorneys in Northbrook, IL have to stand up for your rights in probate court, our approach to
litigation is simple:

 It’s our job to prepare you, our client, to best make the decision.
 Organization, strategy, and preparation win in litigation.
 Ongoing communication with you creates better alignment.
 Greater alignment leads to greater results.

We organize the case and maintain communication with several essential practices:

 Working one phase ahead — Probate matters include three phases: inventory,
accounting, and distribution. We strive to stay ahead of the probate process by
working quickly and efficiently on the upcoming phase.
 Staying up to date — We’ll provide you with regular updates, and you can always
contact us to learn the status of your case.
 Taking control — Our experience enables us to anticipate what needs to be done
next and what each step requires. That helps us stay organized and avoid
 Working quickly — Our goal is to avoid or minimize probate as much as possible. In
many cases, we’re able to make partial distributions well in advance of the
closing of the probate case.