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Save on Wills and Trusts With The Freedom Plan™
In over 21 years of experience with wills, trusts, and other aspects of estate planning, The
Heartland Law Firm has learned a valuable lesson.

The estate planning process is broken.

Estate planning today, as practiced in law offices all across the country, is essentially the
same as it was done more than a century ago. You’re expected to meet with an attorney (who
bills by the minute) and laboriously create a comprehensive plan that accounts for every
aspect of your financial holdings, real estate, and other possessions.

You might be surprised to know that the result is almost always a set of documents based on
templates. Your attorney has changed the names, but there’s not much difference between
your estate plan and someone else’s.

The Freedom Plan™ is The Heartland Law Firm’s solution to expensive, time-consuming,
confusing, inefficient estate planning. With The Freedom Plan, you can get a legally sound
estate plan quickly, easily, and affordably. For more information, please call our offices today
to schedule a consultation.
The Freedom Plan Fixes Estate Planning Problems
 It’s a new way to get the legal documents you need in an estate plan: wills, trusts,
and powers of attorney.
 It’s effective for basic planning needs, complex planning needs, and everything in
between. We’ve handled thousands of plans for people in just about every
situation you can imagine.
 You’re in complete control of the process.
 It’s easy to understand.
 It’s more affordable. You get more for the money than any other estate plan.
 It’s easy for you to access and can be updated quickly.
 You’ll learn important facts about the process.
 It comes with airtight guarantees and built-in protections.
 It creates a relationship of well-being, not a one-time plan that’s obsolete in a short
 It’s easy to update to include changes in your circumstances. You get unlimited
amendments and annual reviews.
 It comes with a 100% Probate Protection Guarantee that you won’t find anywhere

 It comes with 24/7 help before, during, and after the document drafting process.
Key Components of The Freedom Plan
 A will — You can think of a will as a letter of instruction to a probate judge. If you
choose a will-based plan, your estate will pass through probate. We recommend
against this, as probate is an expensive, undesirable process.
 A trust — We recommend a trust-based plan. A trust is a completely changeable way
to control your property. It accomplishes the same thing a will does, but it does
it without probate. No courts or lawyers can interfere with your wishes, and your
privacy and finances are protected.
 Additional documents as needed — A will or trust is the basic part of any estate
plan. People with additional complexities may need more legal instruments, but
The Freedom Plan is equipped to provide those if required.

The Freedom Plan™ – Affordable Online Wills and Trusts: Safe, Fast and Guaranteed

The estate planning process is broken.

The Freedom Plan™ is the fix.

The Freedom Plan™ is a revolutionary new way to get estate planning done. Ideal for anyone in need of up to date Wills, Trusts or other estate planning documents, The Freedom Plan™ puts you in the driver’s seat of the process.

More Convenient. Create your plan from the comfort of your couch. Signing happens at your own pace, in your own comfort with our secure remote signings.

More Understandable. Easy to access and easy to use, with orderly education, communication, and timeliness. Before you pay. Before .We provide you with a clear diagram showing how your plan will work!.

More Experience. We’ve written thousands of plans for people in just about every imaginable situation.

More Support. Get immediate answers to questions from our 24/7 help desk. Enjoy education and guidance before, during, and after the document drafting process.

Better Guarantees. It’s the only estate plan with a 100% No Probate Guarantee. Pay nothing till you’ve got clarity, understand your plan and feel good about the process

Always Up to Date. After your plan is written, enjoy an ongoing, confidential relationship with our team. You get living documents that you can change when your circumstances change.

More Protections. Every Freedom Plan includes unlimited amendments and annual reviews.

Best Value. The Freedom Plan offers more for the money than any other estate plan.

More Speed. Get your documents faster, especially if you’re getting ready to travel, on the verge of a life event, or sending a kid off to college.

Slow. Expensive. Confusing. Inconvenient. Out-of-date. Inefficient. Time-consuming.

That’s how most people describe the process of creating an estate plan today.

Despite disruptive advances in technology and communication that have transformed many industries, the estate planning process has remained the same for more than a century. If you’ve ever tried to create an estate plan, you already know this. It’s a long and cumbersome process made worse by plodding lawyers who bill by the minute.

Current estate planning practices are good for lawyers. They have no incentive to change things.

But are these practices good for you? Not so much.

The most common estate plan, known as the “I love you plan” says this:

“if something happens to me then everything goes to my spouse, and if something happens to my spouse then everything goes to me, and if we both die, it all goes to the kids”

This plan shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money. Why? Because it’s a template that’s replicated over and over. All the lawyers do is change the names.

Some Truths: Estate Planning is simple, understandable and important.

A Will is a letter of instruction to the Probate Judge. A Will based plan takes you through Probate Court and is undesirable in most cases, except for the lawyer who makes more money from a Will based plan. You as the client get to choose if a Will or a Trust based plan is best for you.

A Trust is a simple way to control property you own. It is completely changeable, and you are 100% in charge of it. Best of all –Trusts do the same thing Wills do without Probate!  This means lower fees, privacy, and no courts or lawyers interrupting the honoring of your wishes.

Everyone needs the same core documents in their plan, whether it’s a Will-based plan or a Trust-based plan. The folks who have additional complexities add on to this core foundation of planning – but even Bill Gates’ planning starts with the same core documents that you need.

Estate Tax is a non-issue for most clients. Unless you have more than $4 million of assets in your name, you’ll face no estate tax issues in Illinois.

The legal industry doesn’t make estate planning clear. Maybe that’s why more than 60% of people who need a plan don’t have one, and most who do have plans are ignoring outdated ones.

The issue is that the stakes are too high to let this continue. Someone’s mom or dad goes to an attorney to get their planning in place. They sit in the office while the attorney goes on about legal technicalities and how his or her plan will create protections for the family. Mom has been trying to get dad to deal with this for years, dad is feeling exposed and helpless. The attorney is organized and authoritative. With very little understanding on mom and dad’s part, they buy the attorney’s “pay me lots of money and it will be OK” pitch. But then after thousands of dollars and several signed documents later – mom and dad don’t understand what they bought – the attorney has made no promises or guarantees once the documents are signed. Maybe the attorney deeded

the house into the trust – but they’ve done nothing to ensure the rest of the assets will avoid Probate. The only guarantee they offer is that they’ll be there to bill mom and dad when they call back to understand what they signed.

Estate Planning is about honoring mom and dad’s wishes. It’s about creating a plan that, even in the most vulnerable of circumstances, we’re honoring mom and dad’s wishes and dignity. But that’s not how it’s practiced today. Today’s estate planning model is set up for lawyers to feed off the cash cows of families facing life’s transitions. This era needs to end.

What’s the solution? It’s called The Freedom Plan™.

The Freedom Plan™ fixes everything that’s wrong with estate planning.

It gives you a new way to get estate planning done.

Ideal for anyone with basic to complex planning needs, The Freedom Plan™ is the best solution for understanding and creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney available today!

It puts you in the driver’s seat of the process.

The Freedom Plan™ is understandable.

It’s affordable.

It’s easily accessible.

It includes valuable education.

It offers airtight guarantees and built in protections.

It’s a relationship of Well Being. Best of all, it’s more than just a transaction creating a plan that’s soon obsolete.

When your circumstances change, your estate plan will change. It gives you the control you want at a price you’ll love.

It comes with a Probate Protection Guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else.

When it comes to estate planning in Illinois and around the country, the Freedom Plan is truly a better way. It’s the best estate plan you’ll ever have and the only one you’ll ever need!

The Freedom Plan™. Estate planning simplified.

Follow the simple Plan questionaire by clicking the link below. There you will answer questions about your plans, family and finances – and in the end you’ll receive a completely FREE document that gives you a clear, visual representation of what your trust or probate plan looks like.

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